Have you ever taken a sip of tea and thought of the journey those leaves took to make it to your cup? Have you thought of the many steps it took along the way? If you have, then you might have found there are many practices that just don’t do the leaf justice.

We believe in doing the tea leaf justice. That’s why we bring you only the very best. The traditional handpicking of ‘Two leaves and a bud’ is still practiced in the tea plantations of Ceylon, rich in heritage and culture for producing some of the finest tea in the world. We follow the simple orthodox procedure of air-drying, fermenting, and roasting. This in turn results in a leaf that can produce a tea that is layered with rich flavours and subtle nuances.

Ceylon has a long history of being synonymous for excellent tea. With clean air and beautifully terraced mountains, our island has the perfect conditions for the tea bush to thrive. Now we draw you closer to the origin, a small distance from our leaf to your cup.